Texas Concealed-Open Carry Handgun CHL CCW LTC (License to Carry) Firearms Classes

Texas Concealed Carry Handgun Permit

The Virginia Non-Resident License

"Texas Residents" Handgun - Pistol CHL (LTC) Classes

 Also legal in 28 other states as well!

For the Texas Legal Virginia Non-Resident Online Course

(Valid for Residents of Texas and in 28 States Total).  If you reside in Texas (for example), you can get the Virginia Non-Resident CHL online without ever sitting in a classroom or firing at a gun range and legally carry a concealed handgun in Texas.  The same applies in the highlighted states below.  You take the course below and must pass the online test with a minimum score of 70%. 

You may find a cheaper course, but it may or may not be accepted.  This course is guaranteed to be accepted!

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Texas recognizes the Virginia Concealed Handgun Permit and you can obtain and use a Virginia "Non-Resident" Permit for concealed handgun carry in your home state of Texas.  You can also carry concealed in many other states as well.  Once you have taken this class and printed your Certificate of Completion, you have qualified to apply for a Virginia Non-Resident Concealed Handgun Permit issued by the Virginia State Police. The cost for a 5-year permit is $100.00; fingerprints must be mailed with your completed application, as well as two passport-sized photographs.

*Extensive criminal history will be checked through the Virginia State Police

 Residents of Texas may take the Virginia Non-Resident Concealed Carry online course and legally carry a handgun concealed in Texas.  All Texas Penal Code laws will apply the same to you (Texas resident) in the same way as if you had the Texas permit. You can actually get a concealed to carry permit now, and take the Texas License To Carry later and protect your family as you wait the months it takes to get your Texas LTC Carry License.

Q- Why take a Virginia "Non-Resident" concealed carry license when I could just take the Texas class?

A- Some people may have a specific reason to protect themselves faster.  From the time you take the Texas LTC (Licensed To Carry) until you actually receive the permit is measured in several months.

Q- How long is the course and test?

A- Texas Concealed Carry classes are a minimum of four (4) hours in the classroom and up to six (6) hours in some.  The Virginia course is all online and can be completed in under one (1) hour
You can actually get a concealed to carry permit now, and take the Texas License To Carry later.

Get Certified

Protect yourself & your family!
Completing this program satisfies Virginia’s safety training requirement for obtaining your Concealed Handgun Permit. This program is available to U.S. citizens in all 50 states.

4 Easy Steps to Protect Yourself

1. Watch the training course (FREE)
2. Take the test (FREE)
3. Get your CHL Certificate Faster
Non-residents:  Process your certificate with the Virginia State Police by mail
(instructions included)

 The Virginia and Texas concealed weapons permit is available to United States citizens outside Virginia and is recognized in 28 states for people outside Virginia (31 states for Virginia residents). Join more than 6 million Americans licensed for concealed carry.

Virginia Concealed has designed an easy to follow program for obtaining your certificate. Our online safety training course below covers all the information you need to pass the 11 question test. As soon as you’ve passed the test you will be able to order and download your official Virginia Concealed Certificate of Completion.

Texas Penal Code Chapter 9
Texas Penal Code Chapter 46

Texas LTC (aka CHL) Concealed and Open Handgun Class and Range (in some areas)


Both men and women should consider carrying a concealed weapon. On Good Friday, April 4, 1980, the unthinkable happened to 22-year-old Suzanne Knuth. Knuth and her husband Calvin were heading to a friend’s house for dinner, in Galveston, when their car broke down. While Calvin was going to get help, Knuth decided to walk to her Beaumont home.

Knuth, however, did not make it home. She was abducted and taken to a remote area of Galveston County Beach. Chester Lee Wicker, 37, later confessed to attempting to rape and strangle Knuth, eventually burying her alive at the beach. Her body was found 18 days later, after Wicker led police to the area of the beach where he had killed her.  When the officers finally found her, her hands were out of the grave site as she had tried to claw her way out.  http://murderpedia.org/male.W/w1/wicker-chester-lee.htm

One of the most reliable concealable defensive carry weapons is the Taurus 738-TCP .380 ACP.  This tiny little 10 oz pocket or purse pistol can be had from many Academy Sports and Outdoors stores from $199.  The reviews on this pocket gun are absolutely great.  Ruger LCP and the S&W Bodyguard are also fine concealed carry handguns.

Here's one review: http://www.thetruthaboutguns.com/2013/05/jeremy-s/gun-review-taurus-738-tcp/

"My local range rents basically all of the .380 micro compact pistols on the market – Kahr, Diamondback, S&W, Kel-Tec, SIG, Ruger, AMT, Magnum Research, Colt, Taurus, etc., etc. They’re popular rentals and popular sellers. Some of them have been trashed and replaced with new ones due to extreme wear and breakages. One had gone back to the factory a dozen times for repairs and had also been fixed in-house at least as many times before they just trashed it. In fact, they’re on their third example of that same gun and the same parts continue to break every thousand rounds or so (and weird parts, like the trigger return spring).  I’m telling you this because they tell me the TCP is the most reliable pocket .380 in their rental case. Their renter has over 10,000 rounds through it with no breakages. None of the other contenders can claim that. The SIG P238 is, however, a close runner up (one in-house repair). The Ruger LCP, known as a stout little gun, comes in third (with a warranty trip or two). But the others don’t seem to like high round counts and rental-type abuse."

Taurus 738 TCP .380ACP

Texas LTC (aka CHL) Concealed and Open Handgun Class and Range (in some areas)

Anderson County - Palestine

Andrews County - Andrews

Angelina County - Lufkin

Aransas County - Rockport

Archer County - Archer City

Armstrong County - Claude

Atascosa County - Jourdanton

Austin County - Bellville

Bailey County - Muleshoe

Bandera County - Bandera

Bastrop County - Bastrop

Baylor County - Seymour

Bee County - Beeville

Bell County - Belton

Bexar County - San Antonio

Blanco County - Johnson City

Borden County - Gail

Bosque County - Meridian

Bowie County - Boston

Brazoria County - Angleton

Brazos County - Bryan

Brewster County - Alpine

Briscoe County - Silverton

Brooks County - Falfurrias

Brown County - Brownwood

Burleson County - Caldwell

Burnet County - Burnet

Caldwell County - Lockhart

Calhoun County - Port Lavaca

Callahan County - Baird

Cameron County - Brownsville

Camp County - Pittsburg

Carson County - Panhandle

Cass County - Linden

Castro County - Dimmitt

Chambers County - Anahuac

Cherokee County - Rusk

Childress County - Childress

Clay County - Henrietta

Cochran County - Morton

Coke County - Robert Lee

Coleman County - Coleman

Collin County - McKinney

Collingsworth County - Wellington

Colorado County - Columbus

Comal County - New Braunfels

Comanche County - Comanche

Concho County - Paint Rock

Cooke County - Gainesville

Coryell County - Gatesville

Cottle County - Paducah

Crane County - Crane

Crockett County - Ozona

Crosby County - Crosbyton

Culberson County - Van Horn

Dallam County - Dalhart

Dallas County - Dallas

Dawson County - Lamesa

Deaf Smith County - Hereford

Delta County - Cooper

Denton County - Denton

DeWitt County - Cuero

Dickens County - Dickens

Dimmit County - Carrizo Springs

Donley County - Clarendon

Duval County - San Diego

Eastland County - Eastland

Ector County - Odessa

Edwards County - Rocksprings

El Paso County - El Paso

Ellis County - Waxahachie

Erath County - Stephenville

Falls County - Marlin

Fannin County - Bonham

Fayette County - La Grange

Fisher County - Roby

Floyd County - Floydada

Foard County - Crowell

Fort Bend County - Richmond

Franklin County - Mount Vernon

Freestone County - Fairfield

Frio County - Pearsall

Gaines County - Seminole

Galveston County - Galveston

Garza County - Post

Gillespie County - Fredericksburg

Glasscock County - Garden City

Goliad County - Goliad

Gonzales County - Gonzales

Gray County - Pampa

Grayson County - Sherman

Gregg County - Longview

Grimes County - Anderson

Guadalupe County - Seguin

Hale County - Plainview

Hall County - Memphis

Hamilton County - Hamilton

Hansford County - Spearman

Hardeman County - Quanah

Hardin County - Kountze

Harris County - Houston

Harrison County - Marshall

Hartley County - Channing

Haskell County - Haskell

Hays County - San Marcos

Hemphill County - Canadian

Henderson County - Athens

Hidalgo County - Edinburg

Hill County - Hillsboro

Hockley County - Levelland

Hood County - Granbury

Hopkins County - Sulphur Springs

Houston County - Crockett

Howard County - Big Spring

Hudspeth County - Sierra Blanca

Hunt County - Greenville

Hutchinson County - Stinnett

Irion County - Mertzon

Jack County - Jacksboro

Jackson County - Edna

Jasper County - Jasper

Jeff Davis County - Fort Davis

Jefferson County - Beaumont

Jim Hogg County - Hebbronville

Jim Wells County - Alice

Johnson County - Cleburne

Jones County - Anson

Karnes County - Karnes City

Kaufman County - Kaufman

Kendall County - Boerne

Kenedy County - Sarita

Kent County - Jayton

Kerr County - Kerrville

Kimble County - Junction

King County - Guthrie

Kinney County - Brackettville

Kleberg County - Kingsville

Knox County - Benjamin

La Salle County - Cotulla

Lamar County - Paris

Lamb County - Littlefield

Lampasas County - Lampasas

Lavaca County - Hallettsville

Lee County - Giddings

Leon County - Centerville

Liberty County - Liberty

Limestone County - Groesbeck

Lipscomb County - Lipscomb

Live Oak County - George West

Llano County - Llano

Loving County - Mentone

Lubbock County - Lubbock

Lynn County - Tahoka

Madison County - Madisonville

Marion County - Jefferson

Martin County - Stanton

Mason County - Mason

Matagorda County - Bay City

Maverick County - Eagle Pass

McCulloch County - Brady

McLennan County - Waco

McMullen County - Tilden

Medina County - Hondo

Menard County - Menard

Midland County - Midland

Milam County - Cameron

Mills County - Goldthwaite

Mitchell County - Colorado City

Montague County - Montague

Montgomery County - Conroe

Moore County - Dumas

Morris County - Daingerfield

Motley County - Matador

Nacogdoches County - Nacogdoches

Navarro County - Corsicana

Newton County - Newton

Nolan County - Sweetwater

Nueces County - Corpus Christi

Ochiltree County - Perryton

Oldham County - Vega

Orange County - Orange

Palo Pinto County - Palo Pinto

Panola County - Carthage

Parker County - Weatherford

Parmer County - Farwell

Pecos County - Fort Stockton

Polk County - Livingston

Potter County - Amarillo

Presidio County - Marfa

Rains County - Emory

Randall County - Canyon

Reagan County - Big Lake

Real County - Leakey

Red River County - Clarksville

Reeves County - Pecos

Refugio County - Refugio

Roberts County - Miami

Robertson County - Franklin

Rockwall County - Rockwall

Runnels County - Ballinger

Rusk County - Henderson

Sabine County - Hemphill

San Augustine County - San Augustine

San Jacinto County - Coldspring

San Patricio County - Sinton

San Saba County - San Saba

Schleicher County - Eldorado

Scurry County - Snyder

Shackelford County - Albany

Shelby County - Center

Sherman County - Stratford

Smith County - Tyler

Somervell County - Glen Rose

Starr County - Rio Grande City

Stephens County - Breckenridge

Sterling County - Sterling City

Stonewall County - Aspermont

Sutton County - Sonora

Swisher County - Tulia

Tarrant County - Fort Worth

Taylor County - Abilene

Terrell County - Sanderson

Terry County - Brownfield

Throckmorton County - Throckmorton

Titus County - Mount Pleasant

Tom Green County - San Angelo

Travis County - Austin

Trinity County - Groveton

Tyler County - Woodville

Upshur County - Gilmer

Upton County - Rankin

Uvalde County - Uvalde

Val Verde County - Del Rio

Van Zandt County - Canton

Victoria County - Victoria

Walker County - Huntsville

Waller County - Hempstead

Ward County - Monahans

Washington County - Brenham

Webb County - Laredo

Wharton County - Wharton

Wheeler County - Wheeler

Wichita County - Wichita Falls

Wilbarger County - Vernon

Willacy County - Raymondville

Williamson County - Georgetown

Wilson County - Floresville

Winkler County - Kermit

Wise County - Decatur

Wood County - Quitman

Yoakum County - Plains

Young County - Graham

Zapata County - Zapata

Zavala County - Crystal City